Visit of the Estonian Volunteer Rescue Team
07th February 2011

For the invitation of the National Predidency of the Hungarian Civil Protection Association an Estonian delegation of three persons visited our Association to learn about our national disaster management and the activities of the civil protection.

From the Hungarian side Ret. CP Col Dr. István EndrÅ‘di, President, Ret. Maj.Gen. István Orovecz, Vocational President, Ret. Lt. Col. József Schieber, Vice President, Ret. Col. Attila Jósvai, Vice President, Mr. Tibor Petró, Youth Rapporteur and Ret. Col. Imre Ország, Vice President attended the negotiations. Mr. Tarmo Oia headed the Estonian delegation and the members of it were Ms. Liis Aadla and Mr. Kristo Kannik. The two organisation mutually introduced themselves to each other. Then there were informations about the history of HCPA, about its legal status, fuctining, tasks, about the preparing the civil protection organisations, about the theoretical base of preparing the youth, about the cooperation with other charity organisations and governmental organisations. Further on the guests were informed on the recent disasters and their liquidation. They discussed the establishment of the European Cooperation Forum and the Regional Partnership Cooperation. At the end of the day the publicity and the tradition keeping were on the agenda. On the second day the Civil Protection Superintendent of the National Disaster Management General Directorate (NDMGD informed the guests about the activities of the NDMGD and the cooperation with the HCPA. In the afternoon the organisation of the Capital was introduced and the guests were informed about the activites of the Central Rescue Association of the Capital. The serious of programmes ended with a visit to the Rock Hospital and sightseeing. The Estonian guests expressed their recognition about our activities and they are going to put the experiences obtained here into their activities.