Commemoration on the occasion of the International Civil Protection Day
08th March 2011

On the occasion of the International Civil Protection Day, on the 28th of February, 2011 the Zemplén Region Disaster Managament and Civil Protection Association held a festive commemoration in the Town Library of Sátoraljaújhely. The event gave a tribute to the 76 years activities of the Hungarian Civil Protection.

The people present were welcommed by Ret. Eng. CP Colonel István Kohánka, President of the Zemplén Region Disaster Managament and Civil Protection Association. The students of the Esze Tamás member institution in Sátoraljaújhely performed a high quality festive programme under the title „Do your best for love”. Mrs. Csököly, Zsuzsanna Gegő, schoolmistress prepared the students. Useing up this opportunity we would like express our thanks to the Schoolmistress for her activities to compose the festive programme.
After this next was the presentation of Mr. István Kohánka. He told to the people present the history of the civil protection from 1935 till our days. In the serious of photos there were quite a lot from the life and activities of the local civil protection. They are now of historic importance. It was interesting in the presentation that we could follow the names of the different level commanders and commanders of staffs from the beginning up to now. It made the event colourful that there were reperesentatives of three generations present. There were the representatives of the youngests of the basic school age group, the representatives of the middle age group and the representatives of the elder generation, among whom were such people who had important role in the past activities of the civil protection. On the event there were the local media, among others the Zemplén Television too.
An addition to the commemoration that CP Lieutenant Colonel Zsolt Tóth, Head of the Branch Office was praised and a got a present at the Directorate General for Disaster Management in Budapest for the recognition of his activities in the field of the civil protection. On the celebrational staff meeting at the Disaster Management Directorate of Bosod-Abauj-Zemplén County our college, Mr. Imre Gaál was praised by the Director recognising his long term activities on the field of civil protection.