The civil protection should be renewed by relying on the traditions
11th March 2011

As the newest station of the meetings targeting the acquitance with the professional and civilian people of the disaster management system, FS Lieutenant General Dr. György Bakondi, Director General of national disaster management attended the presidential seance of the HCPA (Hungarian Civil Protection Association) on the 11th of November.

From the side of the hosts the guest was welcommed by Ret. CP. Colonel Dr. István Endrődi, National President of the Hungarian Civil Protection Association and he noticed that this was the first occasion that the Association could welcome the number one man of the disaster management in its facilities.
In his speech eveluating the situation of the civil protection, the National Director General above all emphasised that there is need for ideas about the future. This is very much true as the disaster management is closing to a turning point, it is just at essential changes. The General said that the mobilization capability of the civil protection is not enough and it has only one tenth authority rights comparing it to the year 2002. Referring to the changes at the corner, he called up the attention that they can not be self-contained, but the changing must happen only in the spirit of rationalism. In connection with these, Dr. György Bakondi gave examples: in connection with the red sludge disaster, besides others, the safety of the industry; the adoptation of the regulation of the European Union about the critical infrastructures; reorganisation of the protection/defence administration together with the establishment of the government offices.
To the mostly retired civil protection officers the Director General stated that in order to draw a clear and stable picture of the future there is need for their 30-40 years service knowledge too. Besides the above mentioned the General spoke about that endevour that based on the old pattern that besides the voluntary civil protection forces let appear the obligatory civil protection service too, plus on the pattern of the facility firefighters let be facility civil protection too.
Dr. György Bakondi told that basically the civil protection is a combined concept, within that there are different professions, due to this reason the reorganisation of the traning system have to be thought again. The Director General spoke about the processes of the past few years in the area of the disaster management and he found that from among the mistakes done, the greatest one was the destroyment of the former communities.