Forum Organisation Committee Session
31st March 2011

The preparatory works of the European Cooperation Forum of the Voluntary Civil Protection Associations and the Regional Partnership Cooperation are finished. Recently in several scenes and times the preparatory works were done permanently and consequently for the success of the Forum being held at the end of April.

On the 29th of March the organisers, that is the representatives of the HCPA (Hungarian Civil Protection Association), the Croation Disaster Management Association and the Sweedish Civil Protection League negotieted. The people present were welcomed by Ret. CP Colonel Dr. István EndrÅ‘di and he made proposal for the tasks to be done.
Following this, Ret. Colonel Dr. Imre Ország gave information about the mapping of the civilian civil protection organisations in the EU and about the invitation of the governmental civil protection organs to the Conference upon an Austrian proposal. So far twenty civilian organisation have been invited, from each 2-3 persons. Replys are coming continously. Invitations were sent to the governmental civil protection organs for all the 27 member states and invitations were sent to the four West-Balkanian states too. Three EU candidate countries were also invited. Among other invited people there are heads of the EU civil protection organs. The Conference will be held in Budapest between the 27th and 29th of April in English and Hungarian languages. In the prorgamme of the meeting there will be presentations from the voluntary civil protection organisations of the organising countries (HCPA, Coation Disaster Management Association, Austrian Civil Protection Association, the Sweedish Civil Protection League) and from Hungarian disaster management experts. The reqest for further lecturers is in progress. On the ianugural meeting the participants will accept the Statutues, the Standing Order and a Closing Declaration and they elect a Coordination Council to carry out the operational work. With this undertaking we also recognise the fact that the rescue starts with the active contribution of the citizens and we underline the importance of the civilian initiatives.