New foundation for the cooperation
13th April 2011

On the meeting of national delegates held on the 12th of April the Hungarian Civil Protection Association (HCPA) discussed about the tasks and the preparation exercises done last year and about the plans for this year. In the general meeting the Director General of the disaster management and the President of the Association signed a cooperation agreement.

After adopting the agenda FS Lieutenant General Dr. György Bakondi, Director General of the NDGDM of the MI (National Directorete General for Disaster Management of the Ministry of Interior) spoke about the cooperation and the tasks. He gave account of the civil protection aspects of major events in last year and of the forseenable changes. As he mentioned in last year there were many events which requested the contribution and help of the - professional and voluntary - civil protection forces. From among these the General spoke about the flood protection in seven counties. To this tasks there were need for the involvement of large number of people, who done it satisfactorily – empasised the General.
The red sludge disaster is different from all the former ones. During this there was a mass evacuation. For example in Kolontár village where all the inhabitants of 800 people had to be evacuated in a very short time. However it was not necessary the disaster management and cooperating organs prepared themselves for the evacuation of the 6 thousands inhabitants of Devecser. The Director General called the relief operations noticable, during which they used special machines, equipments that is the population information system, the vibration sensors built in the walls of the dikes. Dr. György Bakondi called up the attention that the Directing Staff of the Disaster Management is still fuctioning at the scene and it is for sure that it will remain there until the end of June.
Similarily the Government Health Care Centre and the Civilian Humanitarian Centre coordinating the distribution of the donations are functioning permanently. The Director General spoke about the emergency communication fuctioned during the disaster as well as the the way of securing the area, and about the taking the MAL Zrt (Hungarian Aluminium Ltd.) under govenmental supervision. All these were so far without examples said the General, similarly to that what is now going on in Borsod County. The Government declared an emergency situation in order to finish the investments which were not done in the last couple of years. From the words of Dr. György Bakondi it came out that dike systems and water reservoirs serving prevention will be constructed from 7.4 billion Forints. These will eliminate the flood threat of the region forever. This is not as spectacular as rescu activities but much more useful – stated the Director General.
After this he spoke abut that 2011 is the year of volunteering and on this basis it is important that the civil protection organisations established on this basis should act for the mobilization of the society. The Director General mentioned the disaster management legislation which is now ready and it will be at the parliament in May. Then he analised the major elements of the joint efforts of the NDGDM and the HCPA. He considered it important that for the initiation of the Association may will be the establishment of the  the European Cooperation Forum of voluntary civil protection associations. It is also importante that the mobilization of the civil protection organisations is on a new basis. The work of the law enforcement organisations became more coordinated. For example the national and county regrouping plans are ready. The logistical and informatical conditions are more clear as well as the cotroll and directing questions too – said Dr. György Bakondi. Above these the General talked about that according to the traditions there will be from buttom to up system youth and sport competitions. By them it will be possible to awaken the interest of the childreen and through them the parents’ too.
Ater these remarks FS Lieutenant General Dr. György Bakondi and Ret. CP colonel Dr. István Endrődi signed the agreement renewing the cooperation between the NDGDM and HCPA. According to the words of the Director General the goal was to put the relations of the two organisations onto  a new foundation as the interest of the country is to give it a new impetus.
After the signature, Ret. CP Colonel Dr. István Endrődi made an account of the activities done in 2010 to the delegates. Besides the population preparation tasks he spoke about the youth competitions, the remembrance events organised for the 75th anniversary of existance of the civil protection, and also about the activities of the Association in connection with the individual disaster events. The President spoke about this year’s work too and he underlined that 80 settlement civil protection organisations have held preparation exercises. These included more than 4 000 people and during these events about 30 thousands inhabitants got useful information some way. Dr. István Endrődi said he was glad about the renewed relation of the NDGDM and the HCPA, which is now active in every day. Also he was happy that part of the proposals of the Civil Protection Advisory Body, which was inaguarated last Autumn, can be seen in the practice and in regulations too.