Meeting of Director Generals for Disaster Management of the Union
31st May 2011

The 26th session of the Europe Union’s Director Generals for Disaster Management finished its work in Budapest. They explained their opinion about developing the preparedness of the experts. They listened to the reports about the civil protection cooperation with the neighboring countries from the heads of organisations keeping contact with the suthern and eastern neighboring countries. They could get information about the detailes of the mid May Estonian chemical and radiological emergency management exercise. They were biefed about the establishment of the European Civil Cooperation Forum (ECF) and the Polish Presidency presented itself.

For the first time in the existence of the Meeting a civil organisation, the Hungarian Civil Protection Association got an invitation to it, which is also a proof of the startegic partnership. On the Meeting Ret. CP Colonel István Endrődi, President of the Hungarian Civil Protection Association informed the attendees about the forming of the European Cooperation Forum of the Voluntary Civil Protection Organizations (ECF), about the route led to it, about the tasks had been done and about the most importante goals of the organisation. He explained that the Forum, besides others, wuold like to help the improvement of the effectiveness of the population protection tasks, the exchanges of lessons learned in the area of improvement of the civil protection knowledge of the youth. It would like to support the international exchange of experiences of operative activities of individual organisations in disaster situations and the cooperation in the civil protection scientific activities.

Source: Home Page of the NDGfor DM of the MI