Great joy in Vienna
21st June 2011

At the beginning of 2011 our class got an invitation from the Public Safety and Disaster Management Working Group of the West Pannonia EU Region to represent Zala County at the Child Safety Olimpiad (Safety Tour) held in Austria.

All year we were preparing diligently. On the 12th of May in Minihof at the district competition our team got further to the the province finals held in Lutzmannsburg on the 3rd of June.Here we have got the first place ahead of the team from Hungarian town Győr and we went further to the National Final held in Vienna. Here there were 14 teams to compare their knwledges. Besides the Austrians, Roumanian, German, Bohemian, Slovenian, and we, Hungarian pupils were in the fields.
Police orchestra led the teams to the opening ceremony, and we took the olimpic oath. During the competitions we had to solve interesting, game like tasks. The questions were in German and we had to answer in the same language. We had to know the emergency call numbers, the hazardous materials, the activities in connection with disasters, geography of Austria. We were able to prove our skill: there were rope-climbing, bicycling, wall climbing, target practice with sprayer on the back.
We were unbeatable in setting out of the large dices. The other team even did not come to their senses, we already set out the flame, signalling inflammable material. The target hitting technics of Aunt Vera was unbeatable, we had to throw the European emergency call number into the nose of „Safety” puppet.
At the announcement of results there was gret joy as we, the best foreign team obtained the third place in total. We happily took over the cup for the team and the many-many presents.
We thank to Aunt Vera Lőrinc, teacher and Aunt Márti Hochrein, associate of the Zalaegerszeg Civil Protection Branch Office their work for the preparation, and to the Office of Zala County General Assembly and to the National Presidency of the Civil Protection Association that they made possible our travel to the competition, by this they provided unforgettable experience to our whole class.
Landorhegy Elementary School and Sport School
4.B. Class