Report about the appearance at the 2011 EFOTT Festival
21st July 2011

As member of the Civil Protection Association the idea was borne in 2008 to organize a promotional and educational program series targeting the young adult age group. At the beginning the initiation was supported only by the Zala County Civil Protection Association, but after successful appearances now it is functioning by cooperation among counties and it has a national recognition. As I have mentioned several times, our target audiance is composed of young people who finished the secondary school. It is the multiple priority to inform and educate this group of people.

As a first aspect I would like to mention the difficulties of the schools and the preparation study groops there. While in the current educational system some of the teachers and the schools support the learning of the civil protection knowledge, but in case of most of the schools there is no such type of improvement effort. Furthere more the current tendency is that the students leaving the school system leave the acquired civil protection community as well.At the same time the knowledge and the enthusiasm are not lost but these young people are not aware of the frames and possibilities of the Association.
Secondly I would underline the given possibilities of this age group. Since the nineties the LifeLong Learning is a priority in the Hungarian education system, As a consequence the Hungarian students consider to obtain higher educational degree or master of the profession as a goal and after they start to develope additional competences based on these. For now the lifelong learning has became an universal education political and education scientifical paradigm in whole Europe. The conception of lifelong learning – according today’s interpretation – is supposed to realise economical and social-political goals primarily. The two most important goals in connection with the conception are: education for democracy and development of human resources, the human capital. According to the definition of  Mr. László Harangi „the learning during the lifetime is a cognitive process from early childhood to late old age which includes the formal, that is school education, same way the nonformal (that is which is not giving certification, free, realised within autonomous organisations, in our case of public education character), and the informal learning ( in family, in workplace, in the broad social environment).”
The civilian village
The civilian village is a well designated area within the festivals for the purpose to have the youth learn about the work, activities and goals of different organisatons. This is a colorful agora beside the musical programmes. The young people working here mostly are volunteers at their organisations and they are working from 9 to 18 o’clock. During this time there are possibilities to fill tests, have round table conferences and establish discussions and acquante with fellow and other organisations/associations. The organisations present offer interactive programmes and active participation for the visitors of EFOTT, they help to have a glimps into the civilian life, civilian work and to try the civilian feeling of life.
Among the organisations present there are well known representatives of several areas of the civilian sector, such specially civilian organisations and institutions which are dealing with health care, health protection, drog prevention, environment protection, protection of the nature, youth, youngsters internationally and youth exchange prgrams, public life, politics, tenders, scholarship, national resources, home defence, national defence, women’s equality, equal opportunities, religion, faith, gypsies, minorities, European Union knowledges, tradition keeping, entertaniment, recreation, culture.
EFOTT 2011

The National Tourism Meeting of the University and Academic Students is organised in every year always in another university town. This way our organisation can get to the youth of different areas of the country. This year the Szolnok College took care of and organised the event. It was located in one of the most beautiful, calm area of Szolnok, in the greenbelt Tiszaliget, where there were the top of the Hungarian musical life and also well known foreign lecturers. Our team arrived to the area still under construction on the 11th of July 2011, Monday. Then we took over the tent and the equipment provided by a branch office of the Jász- Nagykun- Szolnok County. And the concrete work could start with designating the area with the help of the civilian coordinator, and with the proper and stabil setting up the blue civil protection tent. We managed to finish the preparatory works well befor the opening of the Festival, so we finished the evening with a little „brainstorming” (pairing tips, free revealing ideas, brainstorming) by it making our daily programme more effective and making the earlier ideas optimal.
At the beginning of the Festival we were waiting the visitors with an open tent wher there were our equipment, our exhibited presents and we also established a emergency quarters in it. During the week our task was to inform about and to lead the young people into the basics of the civil protection job. During this our devices helped us: gas masks, dosimeter, hand siren. Further on our chemical protection clothes were of great interest also. It can be said that despite the heat the students liked to come to us and tried our devices. Again the hand signal giving siren was the most popular, almost everyone passing people in front of us turned it signalling the whole area of the camp that the team of the Zala County Civil Protection was kindly waiting everybody. We honorued the best visitors filling the test papers with presents. We may say that we had daily 50-150 visitors in our tent.
However at the hottest noon time there were few visitors and we together with my fellow team member Ferenc Korcz managed to call up the attention by going around the area in chemical protection clothes and handing over information leaflets, presenting the IH-5 equipment and being ready to make ad hoc presentations too. During the period of the Festival we also established tight acquaintance with other organisations and foundations of the civilian village. We organised with the association called Youth for the Nuclear Energy a discussion forum along the arguments and priciples supporting and opposing the nuclear energy. At the accident presentation organised by National Ambulance Service and the HUMSIRC - Hungarian Medical Students´ International Relations´ Committee we helped to make the simulation more authentic. With the ZabhegyezÅ‘ (Oatsharpening – a humorous title) Association the idea raised to establish a longterm tight cooperation. This Association coordinates childreen animators and as a result they organise a large camp for childreen every year.
There on one programme day called „cavalcade” would be possibility for us to make popular our association among the youngest and school age childreen.
I eveluate our attendance at the 2011 EFOTT Festival absolutely positive, as we were able to step forward even in comparison with the past years. We are not supposed to speak now only about a formal, closed in frames, one-sided training process, but we have established our more effective methods based on interactive, common work and experiences. The established relations with several civilian organisations are the result of this. What I feel personally a success of our appearance this year is that several young people spoke about their experiences in their schools and disaster management competitions and they were happy to hear about the professionally renewing senior organisation, by this supporting our initiative. The experiences of Martin Friman in establishing association helped us to lay down theoretically the foundations of a National Civil Protection Association Senior Organisation. The goal of this is to collect the young people leaving the secondary schools who are capable to decide, responsible, at the peak of wit, interested in and familiar with the civil protection
Firstly I would like thank to Mr. József Szabó, President and to the Zala County Civil Protection Association for their support to come true our slowly realising dreams and professional goals both morally and financially. This work were not a success without such a supporting county background. We are grateful to the branch office of the Jász- Nagykun- Szolnok County too. Despite of the fact that they provided only limited number of equipment comparing to our request however without the display equipments our tent were not colorful enough. I think that we took the barriers of the task excellently dispite of these difficulties and we helped our association to one of the most successful appearance. Last but not least I am grateful to my team Martin Friman, Ferenc Korcz and Adrián Tímár for their sefishness, tireless job. Because they supported the case of the association and the youth full heartedly. I think the knowledge is not only power but also respnsibility. It obliges us to pass it on.