Civil Protection again in Hegyalja
21st July 2011

From the 13rd to the 17th of July 2011, five days ulimited entertainment in Tokaj-Rakamaz at the Hegyalja Festival. Several thousands of young people attend this event so it is an excellent occasion for every civilian organisations to present their activities and call up the attention for themselves. So did the Hungarian Civil Protection Association too having graeat success among the young people.

But how we got there?  The members of the civilian village could obtain this honour by tender. Thank to the tendering of the Zala county Civil Protection Association, with the help of the Győr-Moson-Sopron County Civil Protection Association 4 members of the association started on the 11th of July 2011: Mr. Balázs Létai, associate of the Győr Civil Protection Branch Office, Mr. Alex Kalmár, Ms. Mariann Juhász and Ms. Zsanett Dervalics. Our small team arrived at the evening hours to the territory of the Festival. Our first job was to set up the tents and to map the area. In the last one we were based on the memory of Alex who already represented the Association at this event last year. We spent the zero day of the Festival that is the 12th of July 2011 with setting up the large tent which was provided for us by the Civil Protection Branch Office in Tiszavasvári. Yes it took a whole day. We furnished it with our display things and prepared for the crowd of people who did not have us to wait them for long.
From the morning of Wednesday the number of tents were more and more like mushroom. Lots of festival people walked along our big, blue, military tent spending long time to observe the air raid siren, the backsack sprayer, the chemical protection clothes. It was obvious that these were the most popular items on display. Especially the air raid siren called up great interest, it almost drew the youngsters, so using up the possibility we presented our organisation and activities briefly. We had them to fill a test, which later attended a draw, we presented the dosimeter equipment, the escape hood and thanking their visit we cooled them down with the sprayer. The sprayer took newer people to us and the process was repeated several times until we got into the focus of the media.
On the second day of the Festival our leader Mr. Balázs Létai was invited to the studio of the local LESZ Radio for a short talk, introduction. The success did not missed out, more and more people came to try the above mentioned things, among them the chemical protection clothing as well. Despite of the heat the people of the Festival enjoyed it. On this same day the heads of the tents of the civilian village set to the round table of the Furmint Club of the MR2 (second channel of the Hungarian State Radio) and they spoke about the goals of their beeing present here. After the almost one hour free discussion the idea came that next day we should take up the chemical protection clothes and walk into the crowd in them.
On the third day we realised our plan. In almost 35 degrees centigrade Alex and Balázs took on the chemical protection chlothings, they put gas mask on their head, tests and information booklets under their arms and then they departed… Every now and then the flashes were regular, the people of the Festival took pictures, they took the tests, the information booklets and calendar as candy. Several newsmen asked them to stand for a photo, to give them an interview… At the meantime Mariann received the interested people in tens in the „big blue tent”. So we were able to close the day resultfully, as the photos of the boys were on the facebook, one of the most known community page and on the official home page of the Hegyalja Festival too.
On the fourth day our tent became a point of orientation, they could take over the lost train tickets and wrist straps there. The neighbouring civilian tents gave their location relative to our „big blue tent”. The television team of the Festival shut an approximately 20 minutes film about the civil protection topic. Mr. Balázs Létai guided them around the tent and very patiently and with devotion explained them the topic and answered their questions.
As a summary we four people think that our attending the Festival was resultful, we were able to convey the news to our contemporary people that the civil protection association is existing and functioning. The week gone away as a second, but it was great experience for both those who entered to us and for us too who received them. The hope is alive that we will be there next year too as it might be that the people at the Festival would miss the siren!
We have to express our thanks to: the Zala County Civil Protection Association for the financial support and Ms. Katalin Aradi for the successful tendering, the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Directorate for Disaster Management and the Civil Protection Branch Office in Tiszavasvári, Mr. Imre Róka for the display items, the tent, to the coordinator of the civilian village, Ms. Eszter Fórizs to whome we could turn during the days of the Festival with any kind of problemes.