Enlargement policy of the European Union: International Forum: Future possibilities and false expectations
18th February 2012

By the support of the Directorate General for Enlargement of the European Commission a national Seminar was organized in Budapest, in the organization of the Europe House, where, in addition to the Hungarian civilian organization the representatives of the Slovak, Serb, Croatian, Slovene, Macedon, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italian, Roman and Austrian organisations participated. Vice-President Dr. Imre Ország represented the Hungarian Civil Protection Association.

The following persons delivered presentations at the Seminar: Mr. Miklós Dérer, expert of foreign policy (Serbia) and Mr. Hannes Meissner project manager, and The World of NGs(Austria). Cooperation with the Western-Balkan states and the policy with the EU, that is, the importance of approach of these countries to the EU were especially stressed in the presentations, with the future aim to reach that these countries also become member of the EU. The presentations were followed by discussions and exchange of experiences. In the framework of this Dr. Imre Ország, Vice-President of the MPVSZ provided information about the establishment, aims and activity of the European Voluntary Civil Protection Organisations (EVCPF). He pointed out that the Regional Partnership Cooperation of the Western-Balkan States was established, one of the main tasks of its is to join these countries to the European Union by the help of cooperation in the field of civil protection and disaster protection tasks, in conformity with the guidelines of the European Union. The participants acknowledged with recognition the establishment of EVCPF. Mr. Miklós Barabás, Director of the Europe House spoke about the establishment of the EVCPF with great recognition and congratulated to its activity.