Meeting of the Coordination Council of the European Voluntary Civil Protection Organisations Forum
23rd December 2011

In Budapest, on 13. December the Coordination Council of the European Voluntary Civil Protection Organisations Forum (EVCPF) held a meeting in the Best Western Hungaria Hotel, where the representatives of the Austrian, Croatian, English, Hungarian, Slovak and Swedish member organisations participated. Ret. Col. Dr. István Endrődi, President of the Forum led the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting the President greeted Dr. Zeljko Dobranovic, President of the Croatian organisation greeted on behalf of the CC on the occasion of the signing by Croatia of the joining agreement with the EU. The members of the CC discussed the draft of the Terms of Reference and Memorandum of Understanding on the basis of the incoming comments and agreed with it. The Conference will approve the final draft at the next-year Conference.
The CC meeting heard the pieces of information in connection with the establishment of the Regional Partnership Cooperations and the following presentations on the:
  • Regional Partnership Cooperation of the Western-Balkan states,
  • Regional Partnership Cooperation of the Mediterranean countries and the
  • Regional Partnership Cooperation of the Nordic countries.
On the basis of the presentations the CC evaluated the Regional Partnership Cooperations and pointed out that the efforts aimed at the improvement of the efficiency of their establishment and activity must be continued. It has shown that these base primarily practical cooperation. The President of the MPVSZ provided information, in the framework of the topic, of the activity of the Hungarian organization, primarily in relation to the red-mud disaster.
The next-year Conference was in the focus of the discussions. The President called the members to examine who will have the possibility to organize the next year Conference to be held in September-October, and to provide information about this until 31. January. The meeting of the CC reviewed the planned program of the Conference with a primary character.  The President informed the members of the CC that in the first part of January we ask the Directorate General of the EU ECHO, Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection organ, to receive the delegation of the Forum. Aim of the discussion is to clear whether the affected organ of the European Union what moral and financial support can render to the work of the Forum . Mrs. Moya-Wood-Heath, representative of the English organisation has undertaken to render support to the editing of the letter and the preparation and organisation of the reception. At the meeting of the CC the members discussed the important question on the arrangement and international registration of the Forum. The members have undertaken to send their related information to the President until 31. January.