Getting acquainted with the Bulgarian civil protection system
05th October 2011

We participated in a visit to Bulgaria, organized by the Civil- and Disaster Protection Association of the Capital.

In the first part of the program we visited the Directorate General of Security and Civil Protection of the Fire Brigades, where we have got to know, that both professional organizations were amalgamated on the 1st of January this year, under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior. We were accompanied by Mr. Vladimír Docsev. We got acquainted with the components of the deployment control system of the National Operative Communication- and Information Centre. Our guests told that in 28 counties of Bulgaria there have been similar centres operating. Its development is continuous. We have got to know that risks arising from chemical, radiological, natural and transportation constitutes the main sources of threat, in connection with which the information of the population takes place through the loud speaking system built in.
In the centre three persons render 24-hour service. They monitor continuously the components of the system, that is, the data of background radiation, the move of those participating in interventions on GPS base, the meteorological data, the operation of the TETRA network, and the points of contact of other organizations participating in rescue. There is also a point of contact with the competent organ of the European Union. In the other part of the program we visited the Centre of Aerocosmic Observations. In the operation room two persons render service in normal period, who are meteorologist and physicist. They ensure background support to those participating in rescue, and inform the competent county centre of the heat phenomena differing from environmental temperature, who examine the reasons of this, and so, they can be localized on forest areas in the period of fire-threatening situations.
Further on, we visited the Capital Department of the Fire Safety and Civil Protection of the Capital (fire brigade barracks). Mr. Vaaszil Vaszilev – who accompanied us – presented the organization. The capital Sofia and four other localities belong to their sphere of competence. Their technical equipment is based primarily on Russian equipment, since the capital and its vicinity is woody-mountainous, so crossing must be ensured, too. It is interesting that in Bulgaria the firemen were regulars until 2002. Nowadays professionals perform fire protection tasks. He said, in reply to our question about voluntarism, that it is difficult, since it has no traditions. The visit ended with a visit to the city, we have got acquainted with the Bulgarian history, and saw the preparation for the national holiday on 22. September. It is the Day of Independence, which was established for 103 years.