International Youth Meeting
12th September 2011

In 2005 the leaderships of Civil Protection Association of County Bács-Kiskun, the Bajmok Voluntary Fire Brigade from Serbia, the Voluntary Fire Brigade from Croatia, the Tymbark Voluntary Fire Brigade from Poland, the Stambarg Voluntary Fire Brigade from Slovakia and the Sarmaság Fire Brigade from Romania – as the leaderships of civilian organizations – decided to hold International Youth Meetings for the youth membership (10 people) acting exceptionally, with the objective to make it possible for our youth membership to get to know the structure and practical activity of the Disaster protection organization of the neighbouring countries.

In recent period the meetings were implemented in every year. In 2006 in Hungary, in the organization of our Association, in our Bácsalmás camp, in 2007 Bizovác, Croatia, in 2008 Palics, Serbia, in 2009 in our Bácsalmás Kisaster Protection Younth Camp, Hungary , in 2010 Tymbark, Poland. This year Romania has undertaken to organize and implement the meeting, which will be held between 25-29 August, at Sarmasag, County Szilágy. Our Association was represented by 17 persons – 6 adults and 11 students - . From Bécsalmás 4 persons, Baja 3 persons, Kecskemét 7 persons, Kiskunhalas 2 persons, Kecel 1 person. Sarmaság is located on one of the most beautiful areas of Transylvania. It is a big community laying along the brook Zilah and the river Kraszna, lived by Hungarians, in the majority. After the tiring trip which demanded adult and child as well, a very pleasant feeling was the polite reception and the accommodation in a camp which was near and in a very beautiful neighbourhood. Everybody was happy about the meeting, child and adult in the same way. Among the adults the members of the leadership – in the majority – and in the case of child the old seen friends met.
The first day after the accommodation continued with getting each other known, which was coordinated personally by the Director of the Disaster Protection Directorate of County Szilágy and his colleagues. Next day the familiarizing with the disaster protection tasks continued, presentation of the participating organizations, with playful and skilfulness contests, for all age groups. After the pleasant and tiring contest everybody took place with good feeling in the tour organized for the visit to the near trout settlement. In the evening, beyond bona fire, the getting acquainted and entertainment continued. Beyond relaxation there were organized professional dissertations where Mr. Director presented the structure, bases and their practical activities of the county’ disaster protection organization, and gave information about the status of cooperation with civilian organizations.
The getting acquainted with the mutual pieces of information and the information on and discussion of the experiences was a useful time for all adults. The members of the leadership accepted a decision and agreed to pay greater attention, in the next period, to the following:
  • the best use of the possibilities of the internet in the field of the maintenance of contact,
  • mutual project possibilities and mutual information of them,
  • holding of mutual professional events and coordination of the associated tasks fulfilment,
  • holding of the 2012-year meeting, in Bizovác, Croatia.
On the third day the sport-like, playful contests continued. We could get wider pieces of information – thanks to the hosts – about the settlement and its neighbourhood, the people living there, their habits, during the consideration of the events of the Days of Sarmaság. In sum, we spent 5 very fine days together – at our International small meeting 40 adults and 50 youth persons- . The youth could get acquainted with the disaster protection of an other country and could obtain may new friends, and the adults representing the profession and civilian organizations could return home with many new knowledge and experiences, On this occasion we express our thanks to the workers of the Disaster Protection Directorate of County Szilágy and all colleagues of the Sarmaság Mayor’s Office, who did their best so that we enjoy ourselves.
02. September 2011.
László Hajzer
BKKM. Civ. Prot. Ass.
Man. Dir.