Professional visit to Devecser
29th August 2011

Members of the Hungarian Civil Protection Associations’ National Presidency – Ret. Col. dr. István Endrődi, National President, Ret. Col. Vice-President for Economic affairs Attila Jósvai, Vice-President and Ret. Vice-Col. Vice President – made a professional visit to the Reconstruction Governmental Coordination Centre.

At the meeting Brigadier Zoltán Benkovics gave information about the reconstruction work made so far,the houses and flats built and bought for the victims and compensations ensured as financial redemption. The General emphasized separately and importance of the situation and difficulties evaluation one by one, and the objectivity extending to each circumstance. Later, he spoke about the re-cultivation of the agricultural land, the importance of the planting of energy plants, the examination of the suitability for human consumption of the cultivated plants, the soil exchange in the Castle garden, and the status of live waters.After this, the tour to the affected locations took place. We have visited the built and residential parks already lived in, the demolition works in the inner areas, the present status of the damaged storer and the strengthening and decontamination works taking place there. We have stated that the intensity and quality of the work fulfilled since October last year gives a good basis for the normalization of the life of the local population. While touring of the area we met the representative of the Baptist Charity Service.