Meeting of the Coordination Council
13th June 2012

In accordance with its Working Plan the Coordination Council of the European Voluntary Civil Protection Organisations’ Forum held its meeting on the 22nd of May in Budapest

At the meeting of the Council Dr. István Endrődi, President of the EVCPF gave information on the visit to the Director General of EU ECHO.

They discussed the situation of the Regional Partnership Cooperations and discussed the further tasks. Dr. Zeljko Dobranovics gave information on the Regional Partnership Cooperation of the Western-Balkan states, while Dr. István Endrődi on the cooperation situation of the Mediterranean countries (REDE) and Mr. Anders M. Johansson on the situation of the Nordic countries.

Further on, discussions took place on legal issues. It was mentioned that it has not been reasonable to register the organisation because of additional costs, since the definition of the membership fees has been under process yet, and the organisation according to the KT President has been performing the tasks of the seat.

A draft website of the EVCPF has been presented which we can operate on the server of the EU ECHO in the future. Mr. Róbert Rafael, Director General of the RSOE made the presentation.

It was mentioned in connection with the entering into contact with the countries outside Europe that the National Voluntary Organisations’ Association Participating in the USA Disasters and a Russian organisation with similar tasks has approached our organisation.

The KT decided that this type of entering into contact is early yet, we have to operate our internal issues first.

Within this topic, the President of the KT gave information on the situation of the entering into contact with the German THW. It should be cleared whether this organisation is a voluntary one from legal point of view since its leadership is in state employment, however the 85000 employees are volunteers.

Under the next item on the agenda the preparation of the Budapest Conference in autumn was prepared. According to the concepts it would be reasonable to link the event together with a domestic exercise. The planned dates are: the week of 10. October or the period between 15-19 October. With this, the delegates could get an inside view of the organisational frames and tasks of the domestic disaster protection. Prior to the conference there will be another KT meeting in the middle of September.

At the end of the discussion the President informed the attendees of the withdrawal of Mr. György Leskó fulfilling the position of the Chief Secretary, since he is not able to perform his tasks because of his illness.