II. Conference of the European Volunary Civil Protection Forum (EVCPF)
24th October 2012

II. Conference of the European Volunary Civil Protection Forum (EVCPF) The experiences of the last years show that the number and intensity of disasters is continually growing, and as a consequence, they threaten our environment and the populations. In addition to economic losses disasters require significant losses in human lives.

The UN and the European Union regard the information and preparation of the population and the youth as a special task in connection with disasters related to the protection against the effects of disasters, and they attribute special role in these issues to the voluntary civil protection organisations cooperating with the governmental organs.
The Statutory Conference was held in Budapest between 28-29 April 2011.
The Coordination Council directs the activity of the Forum established, headed by Hungarian President and General Secretary. Members of the Coordination Council are the representatives of the Austrian, Croatian, Slovak, Swedish and English member organisations.
As a basic aim of the Forum the organisation of the exchange of experiences related to the fulfilment of voluntary civil protection tasks in connection with the preparation and management of disasters and the liquidation of their consequences was formulated.
The most important aims are to
  • promote the efficiency of the population protection tasks in cooperation with the governmental civil protection organisations,
  • promote the exchange of experiences in the field of the increase of the civil protection knowledge of the youth and their education,
  • promote the exchange of international experiences in relation to the operative activity of the organisations in disaster situations,
  • establish cooperation with the organisations of similar profile in Europe and with the competent organ of the European Union,
  • establish cooperation in the projects of the European Commission,
  • promote cooperation and the exchange of experiences in the field of the civil protection scientific activity,
  • promote the establishment of voluntary organisations in countries where such organisations do not exist yet, and to manage this activity in the framework of the Regional Partnership Cooperations.
For the implementation of these tasks and the survey of the work performed to date the Coordination Council convened the II. Conference of the European Civil Protection Forum to Budapest, for the 10th and 11th of October.
The representatives of Austria, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Denmark, Finland, France, Slovakia and Romania took part in the Conference. Regarding the regional situation, more attendants represented the civil organisations of other countries, too, (the representatives of 13 countries with 35 persons represented the civil organisations of 19 countries), and the representatives of the Hungarian member organisations also took part.
Ret. Col. Dr. István EndrÅ‘di, the President of the organisation welcomed the participants of the Conference.
Lieut.-Gen. Dr. György Bakondi, the General Director of the Hungarian National Directorate for Disaster Management (OKF, the Hungarian abbreviation) held the opening speech.
In his speech he presented the changes of the organisational and task system, and the adjustment of these to the challenges. He told that the Superintendence for Civil Protection and Industrial Security has been established. He stressed that great tasks fall to the civilians, be they voluntary persons or those who perform obligatory civil protection services.
He informed the participants of the training of the different rescue organisations, the conditions of the UN exam and accreditation, and he wished the strengthening of the organisation to the participants of the Conference.
Thereafter Brig.-Gen. Dr. Ferenc Tóth, Civil Protection Superintendant delivered a presentation under the title “Place and role of the voluntary civil protection organisations in the disaster protection system of Hungary”.
Afterwards the finalisation of the Statutes was the item on the agenda. It was said that the possibilities of the Internet should be better utilised, for the purpose of the response to the written materials sent out. The Conference approved the Statutes with more, smaller modifications which will be put also to the website of the organisation (
Because of illness, a change in person also took place. Because of the leaving of Mr. György Leskó Dr. Zsolt Dalnoki was elected as General Secretary.
Further on, more member organisations gave information of the work done by them. Among those, the participants of the Danish Civil Protection League, The Hungarian Civil Protection Association, The Red Cross of the United Kingdom, the Croatian Red Cross, Romania and Slovenia delivered lectures.
The introducings continued on the second day of the discussions.
Part of the afternoon program was a visit to the OKF where  the alarming duty service, the pieces of equipment of the “Hunor” and “Huszár” rescue service and several rescue dog tasks were demonstrated.
Afterwards the Head of Department of Rescue and Direction delivered lecture to the representatives of the EVCPF.
The program of the first day ended with a short reception including the welcome of Brig.-Gen. Dr. Tibor Tollár, Deputy Director General for Economic Affairs.