Meeting of the Coordination Council (CC)
09th September 2013

Meeting of the Coordination Council (CC) The operational body of the European Voluntary Civil Protection Forum (EVCPF) met in Budapest on 2 September 2013.

At the discussion, President Dr. István EndrÅ‘di gave account of the recent changes in the composition of the Coordination Council and of the expected changes in the near future. The main topic of the meeting was the preparation of the 3rd EVCPF Conference and the workshops. Based on the proposal, comments and remarks, a decision was made on the timing of the event, namely the days of the Conference, the time of the opening, items on the agenda of the plenary session, the sequence of the three workshops, their contents and leaders. The Conference will be organized on 19 and 20 November 2013 in Budapest, with the support and participation of the Hungarian Civil Protection Association.

Topics and leaders of the workshops:

1. Public preparedness (training of the population) for the expected challenges, with a special emphasis on prevention.

    To be elaborated by the Swedish, Slovak and Austrian delegates

2. Intervention possibilities of volunteers during different natural disasters.

    To be elaborated by the Croatian and Hungarian CC members

3. Tasks of the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations in the assistance of the persons in need.

    To be elaborated by the UK CC member

The duration of the workshops was accepted by the CC members to be two and a half hours each. The Conference will adopt a summary (recommendation), which will be sent to DG ECHO in writing. At his forum, the invitees will have an opportunity to express views and comments. Detailed materials on the Conference will be attached to the invitation to be sent to the member organizations. The meeting ended with a lunch of the participants.


Meeting of the Coordination Council (CC) Meeting of the Coordination Council (CC) Meeting of the Coordination Council (CC)