Meeting of the Coordination Council
04th September 2014

Meeting of the Coordination Council The operational steering body of the European Voluntary Civil Protection Forum (EVCPF), the Coordination Council (CC), held its annual meeting on 2 September.

The event was opened by István Endrődi, PhD, President of E d the participants: Anders M. Johansson, Simon Lewis, Dr. Željko Dobranović and Dr. Zsolt VCPF. Afterwards, he greete Dalnoki, members of CC.

  The President informed the members on the work carried out since the last meeting. He included that the 3rd Conference was attended by the representatives of 19 countries, i.e. the 90% of all member states. Its entire working documentation and a Declaration adopted at its plenary was sent to DG ECHO of the European Commission, however, as of today, no response has been received.

  The conference had a positive feedback form the Hungarian State entities and authorities.

  István Endrődi, PhD told the participants that twelve members of the Hungarian Civil Protection Association established a rescue team, whose members assumed to perform command and control work in the staff and logistics support.

  All the members of CC recalled that there had been natural disasters in their countries (UK: flash floods, Sweden: wild fires, Croatia: floods and gales).

  A new member joined EVCPF: the National University of Public Service.

  The Chair of CC announced: the forefather and engine of the organization, COL (ret.) Dr. Imre Ország recently passed away.

  In the following, the discussion focused on the preparation of the 4th Conference.

The participants agreed that despite the short time available, through their best efforts, it would possible to conduct the conference between 16 and 18 October. When selecting the date, the main aspect was the fact that there would be an international INSARAG classification exercise conducted for urban search and rescue teams in Hungary, Hajdúszoboszló, to which the participants of the conference would be taken to observe it.

There would be over 200 participants from three countries taking part in this event for a duration of 36hours non-stop.

The first day of the conference would be devoted to briefings and presentations in the morning, and workshops in the afternoon, giving an opportunity to elaborate the tasks and methods of raising public awareness in a scope of the population as wide as possible, the possibilities of involving the people in rescue, the experience of the voluntary sector in the field of responding to disasters in Europe.

After ending the theoretical part of the conference, the participants would travel to Hajdúszoboszló by bus to observe the above-mentioned field exercise involving international voluntary officials.

Afterwards, the Chair informed the members of CC on the system of rescue operations in Hungary and some cross-border youth events.

  The CC meeting ended in a friendly discussion of topics mainly of political, natural environment and economic character, of course, with a security approach.


Meeting of the Coordination Council Meeting of the Coordination Council Meeting of the Coordination Council